Bottaia, Cantina Beato Bartolomeo

The Barrel Cellar

One of the most interesting architectural elements of the winery is its enormous cellar. Built in 1970 to hold 260 oak casks, it measures 2,500 square metres and was made by digging 15 metres underground. Such depth ensures an environment in which temperature and humidity levels remain constant: perfect wine ageing conditions.


Half of the 260 casks were discarded in 2003 when the cellars were restored; the remaining 132 casks are of 40, 80 and 120 hectolitres. The discarded casks were replaced by 200 barriques of 225 litres, 15 barrels of 500 litres and 15 barrels of 20 hectolitres in oak and steel.

Today, guests to the winery can also visit the barrel cellar. Thanks to its considerable size, human presence does not have a negative effect on the storage conditions for ageing wines: the barrel cellar has been expertly prepared, using experience gained from centuries of viticulture in Breganze.
The barrel cellar is the ideal environment for tasting Beato Bartolomeo wines at the end of a tour of the winery.

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